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First letter in reply to Mr Daniel Wright's letter to the Home Mission

Currie St, July 21 1900

Dear Bro Wright

I have now to report that Bro Keay can go to Kadina for four weeks commencing Sunday Augt 5th. if he comes away then he will be followed by another brother.

The committee would suggest that if possible the brethren at Kadina pay the rent of the hall and provide free accomodation for Bro keay during the month. at the end of that time you will be able to judge about the future.

If you cannot do quite this let me know what you can do. I will be glad to hear from you because we will make no further arrangements until I heat from you whether the work can be commenced.

Yours in the gospel

Jas Manning

The Advertiser (Adelaide), Tue 15 Jan 1901, page 6

Kadina, January 12

Mr. Moysey, the newly-appointed permanent minister of the Kadina Church of Christ, will officiate for the first time on Sunday. Mr. Moysey comes from Melbourne.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), Fri 22 Mar 1901, page 4


The Revs. H. J. Edwards, of Adelaide, and P. W. C. Wise, of Mile-End, Church of England, and the Rev. G. B. Moysey, of Kadina, Church of Christ, have been enrolled as officiating ministers under the Marriage Acts.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), Fri 5 Dec 1902, page 4

The Rev. J. Selwood, of Kadina, Church of Christ, has been enrolled as an officiating minister under the Marriage Acts.

Chronicle (Adelaide), Sat 6 May 1905, Page 50


A wedding was celebrated on Tuesday, the 25th inst., at the Congregational Church, Kadina, between Mr. S. J. Wilson, an officer of the Melbourne Citjy Corporation, and Miss Ethel M. Moysey, second daughter of Mr. George B. Moysey, pastor of the Church of Christ, Kadina. The beautifully decorated for the occasion, the ceremony being performed by Mr. G. B. Moysey, father of the bride. The bridesmaids were the Misses - Florrie and Jessie Moysey, sisters of the bride, Messrs. E. H. Lawson and S. R. W. Moysey, of Melbourne, supporting the bridegroom. The bride was dressed in Japanese silk, trimmed with chiffon, lace, and ribbon, with the orthodox wreath and veil, and carried a beautiful bouquet of white azaleas and carnations. The bridesmaids were gowned in creme voile, richly trimmed with lace and ribbon, and wearing pearl crescents, the gift of the bridegroom. After the ceremony the guests were entertained by the host and hostess (Mr. and Mrs. Moysey) in the adjoining schoolroom. The presents were very numerous and handsome:— Officers and staff of the Melbourne City Corporation, complete seb of cutlery; and oak afternoon teatray, inscribed; Mr. E. A. Lawson, Melbourne, cheque; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Lawson, Melbourne, cheque; Mrs. Mephan, Melbourne, cheque; grandmother of bride, Melbourne, pair vases; Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Moysey, jun., Mount Morgans, W.A., egg cruet; Miss F. T. Moysey carved cardtray and teapot stand; Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Magarey, Adelaide, silver shoehorn, and button-hook; Master C. Moysey, photo stand; Mr. S. Moysey, Victoria, cheque; Mrs. Kennedy, cheque; Church or Christ, Kadina, cruet; choir, Church of Christ, Kadina, hymnbook; Church of Christ, Bews, Bible; Mrs. Gale, bookmark and needlework; Miss Bertha Behrmann, water jug; Mrs. Crouch; fruit bowl; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pedler, silver pickle jar; Messrs. J. and H. Pedler, silver fruit stand; Mr. Fred Pedler, biscuit barrel; Miss A. Pedler, butter knife; Mrs. Carter, vases; Miss Thomas, vases; Mr. end Mrs. Lawrence, vases; Miss A. Wright, pair ornaments; Mr. and Mrs. Hammond, photo stands; Mr. and Mrs. Dayman, rose bowl; Misses Nellie and Ruby Jackson, biscuit barrel; Mr. Golding, biscuit barrel; Mr. and Mrs. Wright, cake stands; Mrs. Chappell, water bottle; Miss Cornelius, water bottle; Mrs. Treloar, pickle jar; Mr. and Mrs. Wright, jun., silver butter dish; Master Wilton, candlestick; Mrs. Wilton, bread board arid knife; Mr. and Mrs; Skews, butter dish; Miss Jane Paterson, breakfast cruet; Mr. and Mrs. Paterson, cruet; Miss Essie Peterson, trinket bowl; Mrs. Cocks, water set; Mr. Syd Freer, pair butter knives; Mrs. Skipworth, water set; Mrs. Pollock, afternoon tea set; Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, Victoria, silver butter dish and knife; Miss Bertha Hicks, New Zealand, table centre; Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, silver pickle jar; Mr. and Mrs. Ward, flower basket and honey jar; Mr. and Mrs. Train, set dessert spoons; Mr. and Mrs. Crouch, pair cakestands; Mrs. Rubenicht, biscuit barrel: Mr. and Mrs. Toy, pair flower baskets; Miss Bennett, butter dish.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 6 May 1905, Page 2

Wedding Bells.—The Congregational Church, Kadina, was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Tuesday, 23rd ulto., when Miss Ethel May Moysey, second daughter of Mr G. B.. Moysey, Evangelist of the Church of Christ, Kadina, was united to Mr S. J. Wilson, an officer of the City Corporation, Melbourne. The ceremony took place at 7.30 p.m., and was performed by the father of the bride, in the presence of a crowded audience who behaved with perfect decorum from start to finish. During the ceremony the bridal party, consisting of the happy couple, the brides maids, Misses P. T. and J. E. Moysey, sisters of the bride, and the groomsmen, Messrs E. Lawson, (of Melbourne,) and Sidney R. W. Moysey, brother of the bride, (also of Melbourne); stood in the pulpit and presented a charming spectacle. The chapel itself was beautifully decorated for the occasion. The bridal dress was of Japanese silk with profuse trimmings of chiffon lace and ribbon. The bride carried a lovely bouquet of white azalias and carnations, and her court train was carried by her nephew, Master George Moysey, a pretty little mite of a man all the way from Western Australia. Misses Florrie and Jessie Moysey were attired in charming gowns of cream voile, trimmed with lace and ribbon, and wore pearl crescents, the gift of the bridegroom. After the ceremony, a presentation was held in the church when about 80 guests conveyed their felicitations and expressed their well wishes for the happiness of the bride and bridegroom. After the presentation the party adjourned to the schoolroom where they were receivad and entertained by Mrs and Mr Moysey. The wedding cake an elaborately ornamental three-decker, a splendid specimen of amateur confectionery, was the creation of Miss Florrie Moysey. Portions of the cake had quite a history. Certain golden leaves thereon first luxuriated as adornments to a cake at the golden wedding of the bride's great aunt; two emus perched on the second story, first disported themselves on a birthday cake made in honour of Mr Sydney Moysey attaining his majority just recently; and a pair of clasped hands first linked themselves in loving embrace on the occasion of the marriage of the eldest daughter of the house, (Annie) Mrs W. P. Lawson, of Melbourne. A profusion of beautiful, useful, and costly presents adorned the sideboard. The sentiment of " health and happiness to bride and bridegroom" was proposed in a neat little speech by Mr W. J. Jackson, and was replied to in fluent and felicitous terms by the bridegroom. "The parents of the happy couple" was proposed by Mr Daniel Wright, who claimed to have known the bride's father about half an hour longer than any other man in Kadina. The sentiment "The bridesmaids," was given by Mr Syd. Freer, who in a humorous speech quite excelled himself and is likely to be in great request at similar functions. The toast was responded to happily by Mr E. A. Lawson. The young couple went off next morning amid rice and rejoicings to their new home in Melbourne. Mr J. T. Train, of Kadina, had the catering arrangements in hand and accomplished everything in first-class style.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 6 May 1905, Page 2

CHURCH OF CHRIST SUNDAY SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY AT KADINA.—The anniversary services in connection with the Kadina Church of Christ Sunday School were held on Easter Sunday, when three services were conducted. Owing to the incessant rain the attendances were limited—there being about thirty persons present in the morning, fifty six in the afternoon, and sixty-five in the evening. In spite of the weather the children turned out well, about seventy being present. In the afternoon an address was delivered to the children on "Character Building," while in the evening the case of the seniors was attended to in a sermon on "Parental Responsibility." On Monday, owing to the threatening heavens and the sodden soil, the children, instead of being driven in vans to the picnic ground, were marched in--procession to the show grounds, where, by the help of the big showroom, they spent a good time. On the following Thursday the children's concert was held, Favored with fine weather, the meeting was a great success. A programme of twenty eight numbers was given almost without a hitch. Both in singing and reciting the children acquitted themselves nicely. The action songs by the girls were of exceptional merit, and had never before, it is said, been given in Kadina. A song by Miss Violet Brookes "What will you take for me, papa" fairly brought down the house. The report of the Secretary (Mr Syd. Freer) showed the School to be in a healthy condition, the attendance during the past few months having been in the nineties. Financially, the position was sound. A feature of the year had been a banner competition. The banner was finally won by Miss Florrie Moysey's class after a keen contest with that of her sister. The Secretary referred to the loss the School had sustained in the departure of Mrs Wilson (nee Miss Moysey), who had that morning left for her new home in Melbourne. During her sixteen months connection with the School she had not been absent one single Sunday when in the dis- and the success of the present demonstration was largely owing to her efforts. The song service was repeated last Sunday evening. Mr Moysey's theme was "The trial of Abraham's faith." The Rechabite Hall was crowded. The efficiency of the display and the effectiveness of the singing were greatly enhanced by the use of a gallery, the planks for which were kindly loaned by another school. Despite the inauspicious opening on a wet Sunday, the services were a complete success, and all felt amply satisfied with the result.

The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide), Thu 28 Jun 1906, Page 1

Mr. E. G. Warren, the pastor of the Williamstown Church of Christ, will supply the pulpit of the Kadina Church of Christ during July and August.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 18 Aug 1906, Page 2

Church of Christ Anniversary.—The Kadina Church of Christ celebrated its sixth anniversary on Sunday, August 12 in the Rechabite Hall. There were three splendid congregations. Mr IE. G. Warren, the young evangelist from the Church of Christ Williamstown, was the preacher. In the evening service an offering was taken up in aid of the Adelaide Children's Hospital, which amounted to £2 14/6 and a half. On Wednesday, August 15th, the tea meeting was a great success. The public meeting was held in the Town Hall, Mr Neill was the Chairman. Mr Crouch, the secretary of the church, read his report, which stated that the church had bought and paid for a block of land to build a new church. Within a week £70 10/6 has been promised by only 23 members of the Kadina Church. The membership stands at over 100. Mr Moysey and Mr Warren gave addresses. The choir, under the leadership of Mr Train, did splendid service at all the meetings. These people in America alone now number over 1,250,000 members and there are more than 12,000 churches. The net gain list year was 127 churches and 33,143 members. Dating 1905 there were 997 young men in colleges preparing for the Christian Ministry. In Australasia there are 266 churches with fully 20,000 members, while in the United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa they are also rapidly increasing.

The Register (Adelaide), Sat 30 Nov 1907, Page 7

RELIGIOUS NOTES. Mr. E. G. Warren, pastor of the Kadina Church of Christ, has been confined to his bed for three weeks suffering from a severe attack of influenza. He is recovering slowly.

[same note repeated in Advertiser on the 30th Nov and 14th Dec 1907]

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Wed 9 Jun 1909, Page 2


British and Foreign Bible Society.—Mr E. J. Woodroffe, secretary of the Kadina Branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society, informs us that all arrangements are being made for the forthcoming visit to Kadina of the General Secretary of the Society for South Australia, the Rev. J. H. Sexton. On Sunday, June 25, the Rev. J. H. Sexton will conduct services at the Wallaroo Mines Methodist Church, and in the evening at the Kadina Church of Christ, on the following Thursday evening, at the Kadina Town Hall, with the assistance of Mr A. O. Thomas, a splendid entertainment, which will consist of a fine series of moving pictures illustrative of the Society in many lands will be given. The General Secretary has just returned from a trip to the south east of the State where, this fine show of moving pictures was been witnessed by large and appreciative audiences.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 19 Jun 1909, Page 2


British and Foreign Bible Society—The Rev J. EL Sexton (General Secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society in South Australia), will occupy the pulpit of the Wallaroo Mines Methodist Church, and the Kadina Church of Christ, tomorrow Sunday. He will also speak at a united Sunday Schools demonstration which will be held in the Wallaroo Town Hall on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. On Monday evening with the assistance of Mr A, O. Thomas (lanternist and biograph expert) he will prevent a fine series of still and moving pictures illustrative of the work of the Bible Society in many lands at the Wallaroo Town Hall, and also at the Kadina Town Hall on Thursday evening.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 25 Feb 1911, Page 2

Advertising - Personal

During the month of March the Kadina Church of Christ pulpit will be occupied by Mr Taylor, a young evangelist from the Kentuckey College of the Bible, United States, America. For the month of April the pulpit will be supplied with preachers from the Adelaide churches. Mr and Mrs Warren leave Kadina next Monday morning for two months complete rest.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), Sat 25 Feb 1911, Page 8


Mr. E. G. Warren, minister of the Kadina Church of Christ, has been advised by his doctor to take several weeks rest. The pulpit will be filled during March by Mr. W. Taylor, and during April by supplies from the city.

[noted also in Chronicle (Adelaide), Sat 4 Mar 1911]

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 29 Apr 1911, Page 2

Personal.—Mr. &. C. Rankine, who has been the Evangelist of the Norwood Church of Christ Tabernacle for the last twenty-one years, will preach in the Kadina Church of Christ next Sunday. Mr. Rankine has recently returned from a trip to America.—Mr. E. G. Warren, the Evangelist of the Kadina Church, returns to Kadina next Weduesday. He has been away having a two months rest at Victor Harbour and Nintanarra.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 6 May 1911, Page 2

Church Social.—On Thursday evening the members of the Kadina Church of Christ tendered a welcome social to Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Warren upon their return from a two months holiday. Welcome speeches testifying to the high esteem in which the pastor and his wife are held by the church were given by Messrs Jas. Thomas (chairman), Wright, Killmier, and Rowland.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 1 Jul 1911, Page 2


Mr E. G. Warren, Evangelist of the Kadina Church of Christ, received a wire on Thursday evening intimating that his youngest sister had died at Maylands. Mr Warren left for Adelaide on Friday morning and will not return until next week.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), Sat 22 Feb 1913, Page 23


Mr. E. G. Warren, the evangelist of the Kadina Church of Christ, has been engaged to conduct a nine-days mission at the Broken Hill Church of Christ, commencing on Tuesday next. Mr. Warren is serving his seventh year with the Kadina church.

Daily Herald (Adelaide), Mon 24 Feb 1913, Page 4


Mr. E. G. Warren, the Kadina Church of Christ evangelist, leaves Kadina for Broken Hill today. He [commences] a nine days' mission, with the Church of Christ in Broken Hill, and he has been engaged to conduct the church anniversary. Mr. Warren is now serving his seventh year with the Kadina Church. He expects to be home on Saturday, March 8.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Sat 22 Mar 1913, Page 2

CHURCH OF CHRIST BIBLE SCHOOL. - On Sunday and Wednesday special services in connection with the Kadina Church of Christ Bible School were held to celebrate its anniversary. The services on Sunday, all of which were well attended, were conducted by Mr W. Morrow, of Port Pirie, the president of the South Australian Church of Christ Conference, who delivered addresses appropriate to the occasion. The annual meeting was held on Wednesday evening, when reports were presented and an address was delivered by Evangelist E. G. Warren. The annual picnic was held on Good Friday.

The Kadina and Wallaroo Times, Wed 21 May 1913, Page 2


Pastor E. G. Warren, who for the past seven years has been in charge of the Kadina Church of Christ, has accepted an invitation to undertake the pastoral oversight of the Fremantle Church of Christ. Mr Warren has had a very successful term of service at Kadina. He will leave for Western Australia in August.

[Also noted in The Advertiser, The Register, Daily Herald and The Mail, on Sat 17 May 1913.]

The Register (Adelaide), Mon 23 Jun 1913, Page 6


At a meeting of the Kadina Church of Christ on Thursday evening it was resolved that Evangelist E. D. Verco, who has for some time been labouring successfully in Nelson, New Zealand, should succeed Evangelist E. G. Warren who has accepted a call to the pastorate of a church in Western Australia. Mr. Verco is expected to arrive in Kadina in August.

[also noted in The Observer, 28th June]

The Advertiser (Adelaide), Sat 28 Jun 1913, Page 16


Mr. G. D. Verco, who has accepted a term of engagement with the Kadina Church of Christ, is a native of Sydney. He spent a few years in America, where he was a student in the College of the Bible. About three years ago he accepted an invitation from the Mosman Church (N.S.W.), but left it for Nelson (N.Z.). where he has been laboring until he received the invitation from Kadina. He will begin work at Kadina about the first of August.